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While we were at it, we took genetic samples to map the genetics differences across the American Kestrel's range.

The silver band is on their left leg, and it provides an individual ID# for the rest of their lives.

Once the fledglings can hunt and survive on their own, they will leave the parents themselves.

Fledging doesn't mean the nestlings are on their own, however.

This first flight is called 'fledging' and it is when a baby bird mostly leaves the nest for good.

Among American Kestrels, it is not uncommon for fledglings to return to the nest box, for roosting at night or for a quick rest.

The parents continue to feed and take care of them while they practice flying and hunting, and it's quite the dangerous time!

So both adults keep a close eye out while the fledglings do their bumbling around.

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