Cancer man dating a virgo woman South africa adult chatrooms

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When these emotions rise, the quickest way to resolve them is to allow them to flow as tears of grief, shame, and hurt. If need be, she can go to her private space and take care of herself.However, intimacy is best served by sharing these deeply vulnerable moments with a safe partner.She is catapulted back to the past and no matter her actual age, she reacts through her childhood emotional wounding.When this happens, she needs to feel heard and to be held. The calm, competent woman is one, and the emotionally activated child is another.

Cancer can be overly sensitive, interpreting constructive criticism as a vicious, uncalled for personal attack.The mutable signs are adaptable, but with the earth element, there are certain physical requirements.Virgo is highly sensitive to physical stimuli and is often obsessive about taking care of his body's needs.When these two first meet, they like one another a lot.The physical attraction may not be immediately apparent, but it is deep. Cancer's empathy and intuitive comfort and nurturing are well matched by Virgo's attuned physical senses and sense of integrity.

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