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In 1842, Amasa Wilson penetrated the wilderness to a point about ten miles north of the present village of New Lisbon and on the Lemonweir river, and engaged in logging. Finley and William Armstrong, the latter from Portage City, Finley being from Baraboo. Wilson went back for a time to Portage City, but in 1849 returned and built a saw mill about thirty miles north of New Lisbon, on the valley river. In the spring of 1851, Peter Webster made a claim and built a house upon the land now owned by Ira Bonham. Clark and Clark Heffron located some five miles west on Fountain creek.

The next spring he erected a mill on or near the site occupied by the present saw mill in New Lisbon, now owned by Messrs. In 1849, Byjah Ayers made a claim on the land now owned by Joel Bogard and built a log cabin thereon in order to hold his claim, it being the first one made in this section of the valley. Martin Tower located, with his family, upon the land where Joseph Nuttal now resides. Richard Webster and George Hernenian arrived during the summer with a few others.

John Parks built a house and opened up a farm on the land now owned by a Mr. About the same time Samuel Crosby removed from Portage City and began operating in lumber at what is now known as Scott & Buckley's mill.

The years 18 were quite prosperous for the little settlement in witnessing large reinforcements to their numbers.

View Maps of Individual Townships Match the township map numbers below with their location on the county index map (above) Armenia (2) Clearfield (5) Fountain (7) -- includes Tunnel side Station Germantown (6) -- includes Werner, Bullus Lake and Vandercock Marsh Kildare (16) -- includes Lyndon, Round Bluff Station and Lemonweir River Kingston (1) -- includes Smiths Mill, Mill Grove, Meadow Val Sta., Hog Island, Oshkoch Cos Cr. Lemonweir (12) -- includes Mauston Lindina (11) -- includes Mauston and Two Mile Creek Lisbon (8) -- includes New Lisbon Lyndon (17) Marion (9) -- includes Castle Rock Necedah (3)     Town of Necedah Orange (4) -- includes Camp Douglas Plymouth (10) -- includes Elroy and Mt. Having procured the necessary crew of men and a supply of provisions, they began the erection of a mill and dam, which they completed early the following season.Although I've done my best to be accurate, there may be transcription errors that I failed to catch. Upon the 2d day of March the board of supervisors held their first meeting in the village of New Lisbon. He had, however, prior to this time, become connected in business with M. Maughs, of Galena, who came, in consequence to his death, into full possession of the mill property and its improvements.JUNEAU COUNTY (as of 1878): Up to 1857, the territory now known as Juneau county, was embraced in Adams county. He subsequently became proprietor of the village, which afterward sprang up around him and which honored him by taking his name. Boorman, stands upon the original site of this mill.Zion     Town of Elroy Seven Mile Creek (15) Summit (14) -- includes Sentinel Wonewoc (13) -- includes Union Centre     Town of Wonewoc The following transcription was taken verbatim from the above-referenced 1878 atlas (starting at page 216). After running the mill for two years, Mc Neil sold out his interest to Joseph Hewlett, and Elmore, dying of camp fever shortly afterward, Hewlett became the sole proprietor.I have broken the lengthy paragraphs into shorter paragraphs to make it easier to read, but otherwise have tried to be true to the spelling, text and punctuation of the original document. He continued to carry on the business until his death in 1849.

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