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Yes, so it’s three days on the bus, on the road, launching the company while you’re on the bus. It’s all of the, like, drama and frustration and excitement of launching a company, in, like, three days while you’re on a bus. He claims 'A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys And Girls Smart' has been offered for 'free to the public' since 2014 for educational purposes. This is Start Up, the show about what it’s really like to start a business. Your hand’s shaking a little bit from the adrenaline.

ERIC: That is an excellent question and it is exactly the same question I had when I first read about this.

And the premise of Startup Bus is that you take a bunch of strangers from around the country, you put them on a bus together and get them to form and launch companies.

And then two days of a pitch competition at the end.

Clinton's book features 13 stories and quotes including those three women.

Kimberley said he sent off his book proposal via Facebook to Penguin Random House but he never heard back.

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