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Your duel personality keeps others on their toes with them guessing who theyll be dealing with next, their darling pal or wicked clone.

CANCER Irresistible Traits: Kind, caring, compassionate and domestic you make for a fabulous host or hostess.

Your stubborn nature and lengthy pondering can drive people crazy; its a shame they dont realize you could care less!

GEMINI Irresistible Traits: Quick, witty, inquisitive yet tantalizingly charming, people can become lost in your world of mesmerizing story telling.

Extremely dedicated to those you love, your willingness to help people achieve their dreams is highly attractive.

Irritating Traits: You cringe at the thought of being told what to do and tend to huff and puff to get your own way.

Irritating Traits: Friends get impatient with your need to weigh up all the pros and the neverending time you take to make a decision.

Your fear of being alone can be all consuming and tricky for others to deal with.

You always know the hot spots to go and are first to spread the news of the latest and greatest events in town.

Your home is a show case that features highly organized rooms with not a thing out of place.

Irritating Traits: You worry too much about every personal imperfection possible and have a tendency to never be satisfied with your own standards.

You dabble with being a hypochondriac, which can cause major eye rolling amongst your peers.

LIBRA Irresistible Traits: You make your point clear and are an excellent mediator. Your intellect oozes with romanticism and the fact that you believe in love and romance at a soul level makes you a perfect catch.

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