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Goku, still exhausted from his ordeal with the meteor, is found by Yajirobe, who gives him and Krillin some of the Senzu Beans.

At Slug's base, Gohan resumes his assault against Slug's army and manages to bring down scores of them, only to get injured. Slug's top men, Angila, Medamatcha and Wings appear and engage them in battle.

But as Medamatcha moves in to finish Gohan, Piccolo throws himself in front of Gohan and takes the blast.It was originally released in Japan on March 9 between episodes 81 and 82 at the Toei Anime Fair as part of a double feature with the first Magical Tarurūto-kun movie.An American English dub was produced by Funimation and released to VHS and DVD on August 7, 2001.They are almost killed by Angila and Medmatcha, but Goku and Krillin arrive on the scene in time.Goku kills Angila and Medamatcha, but Slug then enters the fray.

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