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(MALDI) Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization was coined in the late 80's by Franz Hillenkamp and Michael Karas.

Hence, this approach uses identification at the peptide level to infer the existence of proteins pieced back together with de novo repeat detection.The fragmentation process primarily gives rise to cleavage products that break along peptide bonds.Because of this simplicity in fragmentation, it is possible to use the observed fragment masses to match with a database of predicted masses for one of many given peptide sequences.In MALDI, the proteins are embedded within a matrix normally in a solid form, and ions are created by pulses of laser light.Electrospray produces more multiply-charged ions than MALDI, allowing for measurement of high mass protein and better fragmentation for identification, while MALDI is fast and less likely to be affected by contaminants, buffers and additives.

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