Forscutt dating

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The teller gave him a handsome sum and he walked out the door and around the corner( he had no getaway car).

Later it was found he had changed his clothes in a public toilet just down the street before he disappeared and the case has never been solved!

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19 Year old Aussie boys Luke Carroll and Anthony Prince from Byron Bay were in the US on a snowboarding holiday when they came up with the brilliant idea to rob a bank and then fly to Mexico with the cash, like you always see in the (cheap) movies.Blunders included choosing a bank where they were known, not disguising their Aussie accents, buying a fancy Rolex watch with a mountain of notes in a nearby shop just after the robbery, giving a taxi driver a 20 grand tip, forgetting to take off their work name tags, etc.They served five years in a US prison before making it home to Oz again..Another couple of notes were found between his buttocks and then he was taken to hospital and kept in custody.In June 2007 a 44 year old truckie from Cairns appeared in court charged with no less than 103 child sex offences.

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