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From me a very big thank you for the amazing work and effort put by the mod programmer Kegolo!Without him the mod would definitely not be in the state that it is now.TID=37208" ____________ You did really great work kivo and co... I like the Fire Emblem seima no kouseki Bigl, you used as Beholder.Makes me remeber what awfull opponents they used to be ____________ To anyone who plays this: I did not make all scripts compatible with this mod for time's sake (and lack of interest).The expansion pattern and evolution of the 461 NBS candidate proteins were analyzed, and 118 of them were duplicated.By calculating the lengths of the copies, it was inferred that the This project is funded by Shanxi Province Science Foundation for Youths (2015021145), Shanxi Province Finance-supported Agricultural Project (2015ZYZX-03), Shanxi Province Technologies R & D Progaram (20150311001-1), Shanxi Province International Cooperation Project (201603D421003), and Technologies R&D Program of the Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YGG1602, 15YGG01).- Pumpkinharry has left Special: Chat [2016-07-16 ] -!- Pumpkinharry has joined Special: Chat [2016-07-16 ] -!

- Williamm258 has left Special: Chat [2016-07-16 ] -!The mod has changed a lot since the pre-beta released by mister_kalu.The list of fixes, changes and improvements goes on forever, but here are some of the main points: - A huge amount of bugs and crashes have been fixed - Whole Fortress Castle complete ( buildings creatures ) - More maps have been added ( from H2, H3 and also made from scratch ) - Improved state of Random Maps.- Many new and improved icons, interfaces and cursors ( H2 style ) -Improved creature looks - upgrades and those made by the previous team - Overall balance of the game has been highly improved.( Please do not choose to play as 'Heretic' as this castle is still in progress and has not been completed - it has been turned off for the Computer to play ) Some Screenshots: Adventure Map: Random Battle: Fortress Creatures: Fortress Screen: Guys, great work as expected.

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