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Then they'd have all the sports stations as well as the two rock stations.

Or i Heart Media can be content with two stations (KJR, KJAQ) that sound very similar to each other. The stations are all doing well so it would seem to be a move in the wrong direction. Sure maybe a slight tweek to the music but I'd think you'd be foolish to change anything right now.

Listen to the conversation in today’s Awkward Tuesday …

Read More » After finding out that her husband has been leaving work an hour earlier than he told her for over 6 years, Kendall needs the morning show’s help in confronting her husband Sam so that she can find out what he has been doing with that extra time. Do you want to know what working in radio biz is REALLY like?

Read More » The dating world can be a chaotic, sloppy, disgusting place. Read More » One of our listeners accidentally found something that her boyfriend did NOT want her to see…and now, she’s worried that it may have been the BIGGEST MISTAKE of her entire life, and is willing to do whatever it takes to fix it…and that includes calling us for our unsolicited advice. Read More » It’s tough to build up the courage to tell your significant other that you love them, in Ian’s case he needed a ton of booze to help him tell Amanda that however she did not say it back….

now Ian needs the morning show’s help in taking back the “I Love You”.

The question is, find me a cluster that has both those plus a Classic Rock.

There's an opportunity for i Heart to build a wall of women here if they go AC, but they could easily build a wall of men by flipping 96.5 to Alternative.

KJAQ airs an adult hits music format branded as "Jack FM".The two may share plenty of titles but a Classic Hits station plays more pop songs and Jack plays more rock and alternative songs.And as said above, Classic Hits concentrates on 70s/80s and a few 90s.The great thing about the Jack-FM Format...can alter the playlist as they see fit depending on ratings.They can bring back some 60s and 70s stuff if they wanted to without altering the station's image.

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