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He is also the vigilante Masked Hood who's once apart of a group that killed rapist, but was disbanded after his three team member's were successfully broken by their pasts and rapists.He works at the Muko-Muko Maid Cafe where he's friends with Ai and goes to college with Miwako.Naru Musou: Twin Musou Dragons - Planning to rewatch the Koihime Musou anime to re-familiarize with the girls to continue and finish this.Project Freelancer: Curse of the Uzumaki - Going through a rewrite.He tries to live a normal life, but with the rise of the Maid Masters targeting his new friends, he returns to action.-DC Comics Dark Dawn Rising (Naruto x DC) - Naruto defeated Madara, Obito, and Sasuke and won the Fourth Shinobi World War, but at great cost, as all of his loved ones and fellow shinobi were killed during the fighting, and he gained the powers of his foremother Kaguya Ootsutsuki.

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Main Computer: Macbook Pro Writing Program: Microsoft Word PSN Gamer Tag: Soul Embrace2010Xbox Live: Soul Embrace2010Nintendo Network: Jeimuzu91gwendy (Tekken)Sachi Gosetsuke (Tekken)Kuugen the Fox (Kingdom Hearts)Snafu the Great (Dead or Alive, Naruto)VFSNAKE (Naruto crossovers/lemons)Sailor Doc (Sailor Moon)Kyuubi16 (Naruto/crossovers)fg7dragon (Naruto crossovers)Vanex (Naruto/crossovers)Maelstrom Bankai (Naruto crossovers)Raptorcloak (Naruto/lemons)NOTE(S)I WILL NO LONGER BE RESPONDING TO REQUESTS TO UPDATE ANY STORY OF MINE. STORY STATUSESNaruko Uzumaki: The Dark Angel - Going through a revision.Uzumaki Ninja Handbook: Path of the Shinobi - On hiatus.Dating An Uzumaki - Going through a reboot that's in development.Have fun, and please fave and alert, and in my You Tube Channel's case, Like, Share, and Subscribe :)My best friends (and occasional beta-readers) are Rixxell Stryfe, tyler_salyer_7, and North South Gorem.I'm also the student of one Raptorcloak, because I need to write better and longer lemons (phrasing).

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