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If You Already Changed the Past is involved then the explanation is much simpler; they knew it would happen because they already did it.

The trope becomes trickier when characters who "proof" gets an "update" on a new lifetime and the mental stress from trying to contain memories from a large number of timelines actually harms the physical body.

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Contrast with the Effortless Achievement and Achievement Mockery.

Sites like True Achievements, as well as the global achievement stats pages on Steam, can show you which achievements are likely candidates for this trope.

If an achievement has a significantly lower percentage of players who have it than any other achievements for a particular game, you're likely looking at this trope.

Of course, there are those who are apathetic about it, but they are unlikely to be hunting for these in the first place.

It can easily involve The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, Luck-Based Mission, Fake Longevity, or Fake Difficulty, though in many cases, the difficulty is indeed legit.

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