Validating microarray data with real time rt pcr

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Taq Man Gene Expression Assays have a high specificity & sensitivity and offer the largest dynamic range of any gene expression technology making them a preferred choice for validation of RNA sequencing and microarray data.

ORB offers ABI Taq Man assay services including selection of probe sets, c DNA synthesis, real-time profiling and analysis using the powerful Bio Rad CFX384 Touch Real-Time PCR Detection System.

ABI Taq Man Gene Expression Assays Taq Man Gene Expression Assays were used as the gold standard in the validation of microarray data in the Micro Array Quality Control (MAQC) Project. Over 1.3 million pre-designed gene expression assays are available for 23 species.

These assays are designed to run using the same PCR conditions which eliminates the need assay-specific primers and PCR conditions.

In a typical reaction, PCR product is produced exponentially.

Because it takes several cycles for enough product to be readily detectable, the plot of fluorescence vs. At later cycles, the reaction substrates become depleted, PCR product no longer doubles, and the curve begins to flatten.

For more information on available Taq Man assays, please see the ABI-Taq Man Gene Expression Assays page. Over 2,500 ABI Taqman assays are available for human, 2,000 for mouse, and 850 for rat.

Nucleic acid isolation is available for cellular, tissue, and numerous biofluid samples.These include 1) validation of gene expression data obtained by microarray analysis or next generation sequencing (NGS), 2) measurement of DNA copy number, 3) detection and quantitation of viral particles and potentially lethal microorganisms, 4) mutation/SNP analysis, and 5) mi RNA expression.In general, real time PCR protocols are similar to that of standard PCR reactions.The same issues apply with respect to producing clean template, designing primers and optimizing reaction conditions.The major difference is the incorporation of an intercalating agent such as SYBR green or the use fluorescent primers for the detection of PCR product.

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